Friday, December 13, 2013

Holy Shit-balls Batman....Apparently it's Friday the 13th!

In lieu of our usual Fluffy Thing Friday.

Today I'm going to do a bit of an ode to the Tech Gods who decided to take a big ole crap on me this week.

We rarely do big printing jobs for our clients anymore.  It's a waste of money and not great for the environment.  Not to mention, nobody wants to lug around a 200 page PowerPoint presentation.

But this week, one of our teams decided that they wanted to print and bind their fancy final report.

Ok no problem.

We have 2 fancy Xerox Colour Copiers.  I had the supplies.  And I had 3 days.

Noooooooo Problem.

That was of course till 3 copies in, one of my copiers started getting streaks.

I replaced out all the parts that you can replace and it was still streaky.  I'd switch to my back-up machine but it's a lower quality and not suitable for this level of job.

I called Tech Support.

No problem we'll send some extra parts and someone will be there between Wednesday at 3:30pm and Thursday at 10:30am.

Not the end of the world.  That still left me a day and a half.

10:30am on Tech Guy.

11:30am on Tech Guy.

I called back.  "We'll send him an emergency page and get an ETA for you.  Someone will call you ASAP."

12:30am.....NO TECH GUY.  And no telephone call.

I call back.

"We'll page him again for you.  I'm so sorry, the supervisor for the department will call you in a few minutes."

1:00pm.  Supervisor calls me.  The girl at dispatch thought she was working West Coast Zone and slept in so none of our calls were getting sent through to the Techs.


1.  Not my problem.
2.  I get that shit happens, but how did nobody else at dispatch figure this out and pick up the slack.
3. How come nobody told Tech Support because they just kept saying....someone will call you!!!

So finally at 1pm a Tech Guy is dispatched, parts are ordered and he'll be on site mid-afternoon.

Secretly I say, YEAH RIGHT.  I'll believe it when I see it.

4:36pm.  My Tech Guy finally shows up.  He's here for over an hour but finally gets the machine up and running.

I left the office at about 6:00pm thinking....I'll just go in early in the morning and get the printing started early.  It's FINE!

7:45am on Friday.  Not only is my primary machine giving me an error message and saying "Contact Administrator"  but so is my back-up!!  So I couldn't even print lower quality if I wanted to.  Add on to that, WE ONLY HAVE THE TWO COPIERS.

At this point I say fuck it, I'm going back to parchment and quill.  I'm DONE.

I call Tech Support.  He tells me that my service window is 3-5pm.


I put my foot down, I haven't had a functioning machine in 2 days and I have already had one service call.  I need you to do better.

How about 1-3pm.  Better but can we escalate this?  I'm usually very laid back about the whole thing but I've got a deadline to meet.

How about 9am to 11am.


I pride myself on being polite to the Customer Service guys because honestly, I've worked retail.  I get that it's not their fault.  Yelling at them doesn't fix anything.  And honestly, it's not going to make me feel any better. 

The good news is that it's just after Noon and I'm back up and running.



This is for all the people today that asked me "When are the copiers going to be fixed?"

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