Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RIP eReader


I have some very upsetting news.

My eReader died this morning.  My trusty friend and home of my books.  My companion on the train to work and when insomnia has sunk it's claws into me.  Endless supplier of entertainment.
Kobo Aura

You shall be missed my old friend.

On a more happy note, I ordered a new eReader.  It's got a pink back, longer battery life and double the capacity of my old one (my old one held 1,000 books and I had cracked 860 so YAY for 3,000 book capacity with room to expand).  It also has a built in back-light.

I actually got a solid 2+ years out of my eReader so I more than got my money's worth out of it considering I read 2-3 books a week.

My first eReader died because my cat broke it but that wasn't a horrible thing because it was one of the first models to come out and had no features at all.

And can I mention YAY for next day delivery?  It should be here tomorrow.




  1. Oh man, I am OBSESSED with my Kindle Paperwhite- the backlight is PERFECT for bedtime reading. I hope you love your new e-reader, because that pink back sounds swaaaaaaaaaanky!

  2. What was your original eReader? (The most recent one. :) I have a Sony that's positively antiquated, but I still love it!

    1. My original eReader was an early model Kobo. It was great but the battery life had started to decrease. It was over 3 years old and I get at least 1.5 hours of read in a day. I LOVE my new one though.

  3. I would be SO SAD if that happened!!! Do you prefer Kobo to the Big 2?

    1. I do prefer Kobo. First off, it's Canadian and originated right here in Toronto. My other reason was because when the Kindle first came out, it only shipped from vs and all the books had to be purchased in $US which was a royal pain in the ass and not fair to Canadian consumers. That and WTF was with the keyboard on the early models?!?!

      So when a Canadian Book Retailer came out with one (which I happened to have worked for all through University) I jumped on it and have stayed loyal.