Friday, November 29, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Goats!

I know that Goats aren't traditionally cute but the last few years it's become popular to have Pygmy Goats as pets.  Come on, we've all see the YouTube Videos of them jumping around.

I mean for a furry little garbage disposal they are pretty cute.

OK does anyone use Argan Oil in their hair?  It's pretty awesome.  But do you know where Argan Oil comes from?   Basically the Argan tree grows in Morocco and the Oil is harvested from the undigested pits of the fruit that is left behind in the poop of goats that climb the trees and eat said fruit.

Let me's harvested from goat poop.  No joke.  I'd love to meet the guy who thought, hey, let's crush the goat poop and make an oil vs just picking the berries off the tree and taking the pits directly from the poop.

And goats climb trees?

WTF Nature.



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  1. I sent this link to my co-worker because he is CONVINCED that goats are the new kittens, in the word of internet memes. Have you seen the "goats yelling like humans" videos? If not, please drop what you are doing and YouTube it RIGHT NOW.