Friday, November 8, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Are You Mocking Me?

This week's post is actually a spin-off of last week's "Cat Haircuts".

While I was doing my image search, I came across a bunch of funny grooming pictures that I just HAD to share.

I fully admit that when I'm having a stressful day in the office, stuff like this makes me giggle.

Notice a trend?

For anyone who has a cat or dog, go out and get yourself a Furminator.  No joke, every time I comb Jasper, I pull out enough to make a mini-Jasper because this brush is fantastic and gets down to the undercoat vs. just grabbing the lose hairs on the surface.

I'm typically very skeptical of Infomercials because typically the products NEVER work the way they're supposed to.

The Furminator WORKS.  Every time I comb him, I'm convinced he should be bald by the time I'm done.




  1. Oh my god, these are hilarious! I wish I'd thought to do these when I had cats. Now, just looking at the pics makes me want to sneeze :)

    1. It does make me itch just looking at it but it made me giggle. They totally know they're being mocked.