Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Mini Staycation

I took a little mini-vacation last week.  If my vacation you mean taking 2 days off to go to the bank (I needed to formally change my address on some of my accounts), the doctor (usual check-up), get my drivers license renewed (Woo hoo, I am officially 29 in my photo for the next 5 years), do some Christmas shopping (the rest is either handmade or going to be ordered online) and NOT wake up at 5am (this was the best part honestly).

It's all about perspective.

#10 will always be MY Doctor

I had a very productive day on Thursday while I got all of that done.  And then on Friday I did a whole lot of NOTHING.  Oh and I mean nothing.  I read (fluffy Chick Lit).  I watched TV (Doctor Who marathon in prep for the 50th Anniversary....and how EPIC was that?!?!?!).  I knitted (back to the handmade craft thing for Christmas).  I played with my cat (because he's my furbaby).  And I did it all in PJ pants (because why the hell NOT). 

Don't judge me.

It was fantastic. 

And it was exactly what I needed.

I had been battling a cold for a few weeks that refused to either go away or become a REAL cold.  Work had been insane, my boss had been crazier than normal.  I needed a break.  And I got it.



p.s. I didn't do a Fluffy Thing Friday while I was off so here's some cute stuff that has come across my desk in the past week.

Baby Moose!  LEGS!!!


Servers do always manage to ask this the second you put food in your mouth. 


  1. For some reason, in my state they use the same photo for two license renewals... which means I'll be 22 until I'm 40. Too bad I look like a narcoleptic 17 year old in the photo...

    And cheers to Staycation!

    1. You have the option to keep the same photo for 2 renewals as well here but there's a rule that if you move withing a year of renewal you have to do the photo no matter what.

  2. This sounds like the most GLORIOUS staycation!