Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Long, Short, Curly, Straight. What to do with my Hair.

I've never been one of those people that loves their hair.

I mean I don't hate it, but like many curly haired girls out there, I'm constantly frustrated by it.

Naturally I have medium brown, thick, curly/wavy hair.

Since I was 16 I have had short hair, long hair, straight hair, blonde hair, black hair, red hair, various shades of brown hair and multiple combinations of high-lighted/low-lighted hair.

Hair was always one of those things that I could, and did, easily change depending on my mood.

Since I started noticing grey hairs around the age of 26, I've pretty much stuck to a darker brown than my natural with some highlights underneath.  It works because I don't have any roots and it looks natural.

At the beginning of the summer I chopped my hair to above my shoulders.  It's the first time since I was a teenager that I've had what could be considered "short" hair.  The 3 years prior to that my hair was mid to low back.  If you consider that according to my hairdresser I have enough hair for 3 people, that's a lot of bloody hair.  And during the hot and humid summer months, it's a bitch to deal with.  Because as my curly girls know, humidity + curls = frizz.  And I've never had CURLY hair.  My hair is more curl/wave/frizz.

So in the spring I decided that I wasn't going to put up with that shit and chopped 11 inches off.  Then in July I went a little shorter.  And I have to say, I enjoyed the change.

But recently I've been missing my long hair desperately.  I miss being able to put it in a long braid.  I miss being able to do anything with it in general.  Because right now I have 2 options.  Up or down.  Curl or straight.  I'm also itching to do something with the color.  

I get this itch every once in a while.  I mean it was that itch that prompted me to chop off 11 inches of hair. It's also the itch that in the past has lead me down the road to getting tattoos or piercings.  

I don't know what causes it but something will dig into my brain and once it's there, I can't get it out.  

I need to do SOMETHING.  And based on past experiences if I ignore the urge to change my look I will probably end up doing something more drastic that I should because the itch will turn into full on mental hives.

The great this is that I have an awesome stylist that I trust to have a bit of creative license with my hair.  

Does anyone else get the random idea to do something drastic to their look?  I mean wouldn't it be cool to go out and buy new clothes, chop off your hair and color it a totally different shade and look like a totally different person tomorrow?

Am I the only one this happens to?




  1. I always get the yearning for a new style, but my hair is always so short that I have no options. :-)

    1. My hair is just past my shoulders and that is "short" for me. It's driving me crazy!

  2. Yeah, I just got mine done. I have blonde hair with low lights and brown underneath. It's pretty and its different. Scratched that itch for now. Go dark!!! I'm not a huge fan of red because it starts looking crappy after a few weeks usually but I think a deep chocolate brown for fall would be gorgeous on you.

    1. Oooo sounds pretty.

      I may stick with the dark brown on top and go back to putting some reddish gold highlights underneath. They peek out from the layers at the bottom. Paying like $300 to get my hair done makes me want to scream though.

  3. I dyed my ginger hair brown for Halloween!

    1. Nice. Did you just do a semi-permanent?

  4. Feel your pain about having frizzy/curly hair, Ash! My most dramatic change was going from curly to getting it Japanese (permanently) straightened.

    I do envy people who can change their hair color. But as a black-haired, non-Caucasian girl, I think I'd look pretty trashy in any other hair color but black :) Go dark, it's fall!

    1. That's the general consensus. Sick with dark brown.

      I find my biggest challenge is knowing what to do with it day in day out. Right now it's just up, or down. I'd even be happy with a different way to wear it up at this point. I'm not good with styling my hair, that's part of the issue.

  5. I always prefer to have long straight hair styles because it only gives me a great look among everyone.