Friday, October 18, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Hippos!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone.

For us up here in Canada, it's been a short week because we had our Thanksgiving on Monday.  Anyone who works in the Corporate world knows that a short week doesn't mean less work.  Just less time to do it in.

Now.  On to cuter things.

Hippos.  Hippos are pretty bad ass.

Did you know that Hippos kill more people each year than Lions, Elephants and Rhino's combined?

Awww. Aren't you a cute little bad ass. Yes you are.

Hippo's are also tough enough that typically Lion's won't mess with them. 

Aww look at the little dude eating some salad.

Nose boop!

Yeah would you mess with that baby if that mom was watching over it?  Hell no.

 Personally this was always my favorite sequence in Fantasia.




  1. I was shocked when I heard how aggressive hippos were. They really are so cute.

    1. Apparently the are very territorial and will stomp the crap out of you if you threaten them. But yeah, cute. And the ear wiggle thing they do makes me squee uncontrollably.

  2. HIPPOS! The tiny ones are soooooooooooooo cute! I have heard that the big hippos are kind of assholes. But the babies? Awwwwww!

    1. The little pygmy hippos are adorable!

  3. Baby hippos...cutest thing I have ever seen!