Friday, October 4, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - A Dog and their Little Human

Anyone who has a pet can attest to the fact that sometimes a cat or dog will bond closer with one family member over another.  My cat Jasper loves my parents but it's my pillow he tries to sleep on and my head he tries to groom.

The sweetest instances of this, is when the family pet bonds particularly with their little human companions.

Ever seen a toddler smack the crap out of a big dog as their way of "petting" and had the dog just roll over and drool for some more?  There's no stronger bond than a dog and his little human. 

No chair?  Let me help with that.


That dog is not going to MOVE for fear of waking that baby.

 Yes, that is Pitbull that is holding a little girls hand.  I'm a firm believer that although some breeds can be more aggressive than others, that it's all about the environment they live in and their training.  That dog would probably rip someone's arm off it they attempted to touch that little girl.

Head boops while in the cone of shame?  I'm dying over here. 

Yes, he's wearing a tutu.

Let me just be your step stool.  



This dog is not happy that his little human is crying.


  1. Love the pup in the tutu! And the baby, it melted my little heart!

    1. The tutu, the kid with their face in the dog's cone. It made me warm and fuzzy inside.

  2. The kid and the dog in the cone!!!!!!! <3. I totally put a tutu and wings on my childhood dog. He was not a huge fan of me as a direct result...

    1. The cone one is probably my favorite. I'm contemplating getting Jasper a Halloween costume this year. I think he'd make a good pirate.

  3. Pets are just amazing. Unconditional love.

    1. The patience they have with children is just amazing. I need to go home and cuddle my furbaby now.