Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ashley's Adventures at the Genius Bar - A Tech Rant

I'm a bit of a Tech Nerd.

I can't help it.  I work in IT.

The plus side is that typically there's not much I can't fix when it comes to my own computer and phone.

At least that was true before I got an iPhone.

Don't get me wrong.  I like my iPhone 5.  I don't LOVE it though.

There's restrictions and limitations built into the Operating System, that as a user,  I don't appreciate.  I mean can't you and Google just GET ALONG?!?!?!

I also don't like that I can't do any repairs myself.

Back in the days with my old BlackBerry.  If I was having decreased battery life, I could pop down to the store, buy a new battery and install it myself.  With my iPhone?  Not so much.

So when I started having sever WiFi connectivity issues, I had a bit of a panic.

Thankfully, my phone was still under the 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

Considering I had never dropped it, gotten it wet of abused it more than shoving it in my purse without a case, I was hoping that something like signal strength would fall under said warranty.

And it did.  Thankfully. 

Because if it didn't.  I would have had a very expensive paperweight that pretty much only worked as a telephone.  And at 11 months old.  That would have sucked.  Like seriously sucked.

How as consumers, have we reached the point where we accept products, (and expensive one's at that) that have such a limited lifespan.

I mean I'm locked into a 3 year contract.  If I had to replace my phone at 11 months because of a hardware flaw, I would have had to pay out somewhere in the neighbourhood of $400 to replace it.

How is that ok?  My first few cell phones had no problem lasting the length of my 3 year contract.  Except for the time that I lost my phone at a Christmas Party, I have NEVER had to pay to upgrade.  Hell, my old Nokia couldn't be killed!  Trust me.  I tried!

But nowadays, if you get 2 years out of a phone, that's normal.

A laptop will probably last you 3-4 years.  A PC you can push but that's presuming you can do you own troubleshooting and maintenance.

How is it that technology is getting better and better every day, prices are still going up and yet quality has decreased significantly?

And why are we ok with it?



p.s. on a side note.  I was worried about my appointment at the Genius Bar.  I was afraid that they wouldn't fix or replace the phone, that with my luck, my phone wouldn't display the same symptoms when in the hands of a professional.  Thankfully, the WiFi was going up and down while the guy was running diagnostics and their signal strength in store rivals NASA.  So my baby was replaced and seems to be alright.  YAY!


  1. The cost/breakability of cell phones kills me!! I've had my phone for not quite a year now and it looks like it's been through a washing machine. Luckily it had a carbon-fiber backing or it'd be SO dead already. No I don't use a case because they make it impossible to put the phone in my pocket.

    I purposely avoid the Apple products because they don't get along with Google. Droids make everything I want to do SO much easier. The iPhones are pretty and have nicer cameras, but for ease of use and information transfer/sharing, Droids are where it's at.

    1. I miss my old Nokia. It was awesome. I love Android, but at the time because it was a bit too far before Christmas, LG, Samsung and HTC were waiting on the launch of their new handsets. And because my BB was deader than dead it was either iPhone or a year old model of BB. So I ended up with the iPhone 5 which had just been launched.

      I have a MacBook so transferring isn't tricky for me. Where I get frustrated is that outside of a specific app, the iPhone is useless. I need an app to do every single task because I can't just use the browser which means I have a bunch of apps that do one very specific thing only. I don't like clutter so having all of these apps drives me nuts!

  2. Did you meet any cute guys at the genius bar? haha That would have been one plus of having issues with technology already after only 11 months?

    1. Sadly no. Although the guy that helped me was very nice. There was also a guy waiting for help, picking his nose. Literally.

  3. Yuck! haha Maybe next time ;)