Monday, September 23, 2013

Insomnia: Dream a Little Dream

I've talked about it before, but if you don't know....I'm an insomniac.

One thing that this whole fire/living with my parents/commute from hell has done, is make me sleep better because I'm EXHAUSTED.

But generally I'm not a great sleeper.

What that means is that typically I don't remember my dreams.  Not to say I don't dream, I just rarely recall them.

Here's some of the technicals of REM sleep and dreaming.....

Your body goes in cycles while you sleep.  They look something like this.

Dreaming typically occurs during your REM cycles (the red parts).  Evey REM cycle you have gets progressively longer and longer, the longest being the one right before you wake up in the morning.  Although you dream during the earlier REM cycles, you typically don't recall them because they're so short.  What you remember, is the longest dream you have which usually happens before your alarm goes off.  You know that feeling where you're having an awesome dream and then suddenly your alarm is blaring?  Yeah.  That's the REM cycle I'm talking about.

This whole system gets disrupted when you wake up in the middle of the night.  Your body basically has to start from scratch every time so it means rather than building up to a longer dream that you can recall, if you wake up often enough you tend to only have the shorter dreams that slip from your memory much easier.  This is why typically I don't recall any of my dreaming.  For me, this process tends to get disrupted 3-4 times a night.

You with me? Make sense? Ok then.

Sunday night was a bit of an exception.  Not only did I dream, but I had a vivid dream that I could easily recall.  In fact what started out as a normal, if somewhat bizarre dream, turned into a nightmare.

A dream analyst would have a heyday with this one.  Fair warning, some of it is incredibly fucked up.

I don't remember all of the details but here's some of the key highlights: 

- I was with a guy who I wasn't necessarily friends with but I knew from years ago because he used to work at the Bank near my parent's house.  This was the only person in the dream based on an actual person I know personally

- We were running from a guy who was trying to kill us.  He wore Crocodile Cowboy boots.

- We kept killing him, we'd check to see if he was really dead and he was but he'd show back up later on.  Zombie Serial Killer?

- There was a Hispanic woman who's baby died.  She was carrying around the dead baby like she didn't realize it was actually dead.

- Me and the dude from the bank hid in a School Bus

- The school bus was filled with bloody towels and sheets.

- I tried to wash the bloody towels and sheets in a bathtub

- Serial Killer dude with the boots took the dead baby away from the Hispanic woman.

- I think the baby was stillborn, not killed because it looked pre-mature (WTF brain?!?!)

- He gave the baby to a dude who looked like a Janitor who was trying to mop up all the blood in the bathroom where I was trying to wash the bloody sheets and towels.

That's all I remember and then I woke up.

I think I'm officially losing my mind.



Am I nuts?  Do you try to figure out your dreams?

Followup:  I did a basic dream interpretation.  Check it out:


  1. at least you got some deep sleep? My dreams are usually very, very strange.

    1. This is true. Although if this is what my brain comes up with when I actually sleep I'm thinking Insomnia may be the better bet.

  2. I like the explanation of the sleep cycle. Have you ever tried out a Jawbone or other devices that track your sleep cycle? I've always been curious.

    1. I've tried the wrist one that tracks pulse rate and movement. I've also been to a sleep clinic and the results were basically that my brain was just too active and I needed to relax but all the yoga and lavender in the world hasn't helped.

  3. All my dreams are anxiety dreams. Last night I had the "your high school diploma has been revoked and you now have to come back to school and repeat gym class one zillion times. No, your bachelor's degree means nothing!" The bloody towels though- that's pretty scary! Did you read Stephen King before bed?

    1. LOL if I read Stephen King before bed I'd be having Clown related nightmares. That would be bad.

      I've never had any of the typical "I'm falling" or "I'm doing public speaking and poof I'm naked and people are laughing" kinda dreams.

      The bloody towels was creepy.

  4. I'm happy that you tried to wash the bloody sheets and towels. I can just see it. Even in full-on dream-panic you're like "My my, this is just much too untidy. Give me some soap!"

    I'm glad you made it out alive though ;-p

    1. LOL I totally went all OCD on that shit didn't I?

      I think my logic was that somehow if the killer dude found the sheets he'd be able to follow us so I was covering our tracks?

    2. Hahah I could see that being the reasoning for doing it. It's just very fitting with how often you talk about your cleaning habits

    3. Knowing me it could have been a bit of both. Must cover tracks and OMG dirty! Must do laundry!!!