Friday, August 16, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - No, that's MY bed!

Anyone who has kids or pets knows that not only do you have no privacy, but you also randomly have to give up your bed to something smaller and cuter than you are.

My cat is the master of taking over the warm spot in bed, the second you get up to go to the bathroom.

He's like a little stealthy bed Ninja.

He also has NO SHAME about stealing your bed.

Much like these cats, that have no shame in stealing their furry roommate's bed.

Poor dogs don't have a chance.

What I love about all of these pictures is that the dogs just accept the smaller bed.

Like, "Oh ok, that's the one you like? I don't really fit in this little bed but as long as you're comfortable."

But anyone who has a cat, KNOWS that they take up much more room than they need.

It's their perogative.



This Purina commercial spawned this post.  Check it out to see dog bed stealing in action.


  1. I have so many pictures of my black lab in a tiny cat bed, it used to make me laugh. :)So cute!

    1. It kills me that the dogs just accept their fate and sleep in the small kitty bed. My fave is the dog who is basically using the bed as a pillow because that's all that will fit.

  2. Siiiigh I want a kitty so bad. I will share my bed with you little kitty. You want the whole thing? That's ok. I just want a kitty!!

    1. I totally vote to get a kitty. They're awesome.

      And for the record they don't want the whole bed, they want the specific spot you're using. No matter where you go, they follow till essentially they're sleeping on top of your head.

  3. First, love your purple sheets. Second, this is hilarious! I love the cat-dog dynamic. Garfield & Odie totally got it right.

    1. LOL thanks! Someone else said that when they saw that pic. Love those sheets.

      It's totally a Garfield & Odie scenario.

  4. Haha, I love the dalmation one - he looks almost ashamed. :)