Friday, August 23, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Foxy Foxes!

I Loooooove foxes.  They're pretty and yet totally badass.  I mean the fox in "The Little Prince" was awesome.

The inspiration for this week's theme came from the fact that I had to search for a high resolution Mozilla Firefox logo for a presentation I was working on.

I came across a few hilarious images of real Foxes with Firefox related jokes.

But before we get to those....

So beautiful and floofy. 

Happy Fox!

Friendly Fox!

The result from the above up close photo session. 

Floofy White Arctic Fox

Now for some non-apologetic Firefox jokes.

Probably my favorite one....

For my non-Canadians, the cup the fox is sniffing is from Tim Hortons
a very popluar Coffee shop here in Canada.




  1. Foxes are my spirit animal. Which is a long story.

    But all the same - I love them! And how cute is that little baby?? I want one!

    1. I think they're beautiful.

      The one choming on mom's tail? Too cute.