Monday, August 19, 2013

Can't Tell if it's Allergies, or my Immune System Just Hates me. Maybe Both.

I'm pretty sure that my immune system hates me but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Some people have spring time allergies.  The smell of freshly cut grass and pollen are enough to send them into a drippy sneezy fit.

I on the other hand suffer from allergies later in the summer and early fall.   Not to say that the spring doesn't impact me but I find the later season much harder to deal with.

This biggest offender right now is Ragweed.  It sucks.  It sucks, because I feel like my head weights a thousand pounds and is stuffed with cotton wool.   The allergy meds make me feel slow and fuzzy which is not cool when at work.  To top it off, I'm pretty sure I've had a head cold for the past month.

Why do I think this?

Because even on allergy meds I'm still stuffed up, sneezy and coughy.  I'm like an infectious Dwarf.  I dub myself Sniffly.  The long lost 8th Dwarf that took off because she got sick of cleaning up after the other 7 slobs.  Me bailing is why Snow White had to clean-up so much crap before she could take a nap.  Because 7 men living in one house and not a single one of them knows how to was a dish.  Fuck that shit. 

The solution to my symptoms would to take an over the counter cold medication like Day-Quil or something.  But my body doesn't like me taking multiple drugs so I'm hesitant to blend a cold medication with an antihistamine.  I do have a 3 hour a day commute to deal with after all and getting wonky behind the wheel wouldn't be cool.

The result?

My allergies are taken care of but I'm still stuffed up with a cold.  I could ditch the allergy meds and take cold meds instead but then I'd probably still be sniffly and add on itchy just for shits and giggles.

Either way, the result wouldn't be me breathing through both nostrils or sleeping through the night.

Annnnnnnnnnnd we're right back to my original assumption that my immune system simply hates me.

Thanks immune system.  You suck.



Anyone have some wisdom or miracle cure for me?  I'm taking a bunch of Vitamin C and some natural remedies to help deal with the cold but it's not going away.  It's not getting worse but it's not going away either.


  1. You poor thing! One suggestion that maybe you already do - take your allergy meds at night if it's a 24-hour one. Even the meds that say they're non-drowsy can have a bad effect on me but if I take it at night, I'm much much better :-)

    As for the cold - more sleep, more liquids, more vitamin C. If you're not feeling at least a little bit better in a week or so, I'd go to the doctor and see if you can get something to help.

    Feel better!!

    1. It's more frustrating than anything.

      I've tried taking my allergy pills at night but the problem is my allergies are bad enough that the pills tend to NOT last me 24 hours. So they wear off around dinner time.

      More sleep is totally required. Getting up at 5:30am, I need to be in bed by 10 for the next week.