Friday, July 12, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Not So Common Birds Before and After

Has anyone else noticed that baby birds are kinda funky looking?  I mean they're nothing like the beautiful colourful creatures they later become. 

So today I though I'd do a little birdy before and after.  Well technically an after and before.  You'll see what I mean.  But with some not-so-common birds.


The Emu.  Kinda freaky looking right?

But aren't they adorable babies? 

Like seriously. Adorable.

And who knew this gorgeous Flamingo.
Started out like THIS.

Kiwi!!  Btw...I would NOT want to be pecked by that beak.
But Baby Kiwi!!!  So squee.

I caught this video a while ago and almost died laughing.  One this cat is adorable, two he is totally freaked out by this bird.  If he could say "WTF dude" he would.  You can tell by how he's backed himself up against the wall.  Too funny.



  1. Birds are scary. So very scary. Except pterodactyls.

    1. How the heck are killer carnivore birds NOT scarier than frickin' pink flamingos!

    2. Because dinosaurs are cool! And I don't have to worry about being attacked by one.

  2. I want a baby emu. And then when it grows up, it will be my minion. This is an excellent plan.

    1. I would totally have an Emu because they're huge and you could ride that thing into battle. Or to work. Whatever.

  3. One of my coworkers has had that emu picture as his profile for years, so when I saw it on my bloglovin' feel I was SO CONFUSED. lol