Friday, May 31, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Things That Hang Out in the Water

It has been the week from hell here.  It's so hot, there was brutal thunderstorms that caused MAJOR flooding and add to that, I've been insanely busy at work.

And, it was my awesome Blog Friend Quirky Chrissy's 30th Birthday this week, and in last weeks comments, she requested Dolphins. 

So there shall be Dolphins.

But there shall also be general cuteness that lives in the water.

Baby Dolphin

A Baby Dolphin, meeting a Penguin!!!

Adorable Pygmy Hippo.  Munchin' away on some salad.

Happy little Puffer Fish

Cutest baby Manatee EVER.

Adorable baby Manatee's being bottle fed by kinda cute SeaWorld Trainers.  

It doesn't get better than this people.

Never mind.  It just got better.  Is that not the most squee worthy baby Octopus EVER?

I didn't even know they COULD be cute!

OK Sharks aren't cute but OMG human baby in a Shark costume?  Too cute.

I totally need to be near the water right about now, and in this weather, water sounds like a great idea.



A friend of mine sent this to me this week and I thought it was awesome.


  1. OMG baby dolphin!!!! Baby dolphin meeting penguin is like... Like... When Katie met Chrissy! Best thin EVER!

    1. Awww you guys are so cute.

    2. Yes Yes YEs Yes YES!!!!! LOVED THIS. Sorry I couldn't comment during the work week. Who knew your website was porn?

    3. LOL no worries. The admin settings have it posted for under 18 so I wonder what flagged it as porn. Clearly my blog needs more boobs.

  2. I'm thinkin I need to get a job at SeaWorld ;-)

  3. the baby HIPPO!!! AH!!! He looks so slippery but I just want to squish him!

    1. I know. He's so adorable eating his salad.

  4. sidenote: i was really interested in becoming a marine biologist as a kid. When I realized you got to play with dolphins all day, I was hooked. But then I figured out you don't just get to play with dolphins all day and then that dream was squashed.

    1. Aww I wanted to be a Vet when I was a kid but now, just the thought of being around sick or dying animals or god forbid having to put one to sleep. Heck I couldn't even give one a needle for rabies! I'd be such a sap I'd cry all the time and want to cuddle them ALL THE TIME.

  5. OMG! I've just been killed with cute. The baby dolphin... I want one!!! But it would probably outgrown my bathtub shortly. *sigh* Thanks for the cute fix!