Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And the Chaos Continues

Hi all,

I'm still alive.  And I'm officially moved back in with my parents.  *sigh*

For those of you just reading here's the fast forwarded version.

March 20th there was a big fire in my apartment building destroying 4 units because a dumbass who lived below me left a candle burning on her night table while she took a bath.

Insert panic and smoke and horrifying destruction followed by 4 days of cleaning and washing every single thing I own.

Move back in a week later to find out that the restoration company handling the job need to treat every square inch of my apartment with some kind of solution that neutralizes the smell of smoke.

I had 48 hours to pack up every thing I own because all my cupboards, closets, walls needed to be free of everything including furniture. 

So I pack, they clean, I unpack and finally my place looks awesome minus the repairs that need to be made to my walls and door from when the fire department kicked in my door.

Repairs start, I end up with a 4 food hole in the ceiling of my bathroom and a tarp over my head while I shower.  Oh and my bathroom fixture died and I showered with a camping lantern for a few days.

This brings us up to the week of April 22nd when I got an awesome call from my landlord saying that the damage is more extensive than expected and that they're terminating my lease in order to rip out the walls in half my apartment. 

OK then.

Insert more panic and freaking out.

But it's ok.  I call the landlord and tenant board and they tell me my landlord has to give me 120 days and 3 months of rent if they want to terminate my lease for repairs.

Well not really.  Enter Thursday April 25th, I come home to a letter quoting a section in my lease that basically says in case of a fire/flood/natural disaster they can repossess my unit immediately and I have to be moved out by May 1st.

Insert more panic and a fuck load of freaking out.

But thanks to my dad and my aunt and uncle, I packed my entire apartment up on Saturday and moved in with mom and dad on Sunday.


So I'm 29 and living with my parents.  Albeit temporarily.

Now I'm just fighting with my landlord because they're issuing me a cheque for my last month's rent that I pre-paid when I moved in.  But they made the cheque out to incorrectly and the bank won't let me deposit it.  So they need to re-issue it and get the new cheque to me.

Add on the fact that I'm dealing with issues trying to get my Internet and TV transferred or suspended because typically they want 30 days and I don't have that luxury. 

So that's where I'm at right now.  Waiting to get last minute details sorted and I can finally start focusing on finding an apartment.  But the up side of living with my parents is that I have time to look because it's not like they're going to kick me out, and I'm saving some money.  Both good things.

Especially considering my commute went from 20 minutes each direction to about 1 hour 40 each way.

So I've been getting up at 5:30am.  Which is AWESOME.

But honestly it could be worse.  I'm lucky I have parents that live in driving distance and that I have the option of moving back in with them.

Fingers crossed the hunt for an apartment goes quickly.

Thanks for all the love and support.  It's been incredibly stressful and honestly a year ago, I wouldn't have emotionally been able to deal with this.



ps.  This just made me giggle. 


  1. Ah, so much going on! I'm glad you got moved, but I do hope the business with your apartment and rent money gets sorted out very soon. Hope you find a new place quickly, too, as that commute sounds less than ideal!

    1. The commute sucks honestly. But I just keep chanting to myself, at least I'm saving money, at least I'm saving money. Followed by OMG I'm 29 and live with my parents!! Followed by Ooooooooo mom made pancakes.

      Honestly I just want a nap.

  2. Hey, at least you're living with your parents because of an emergency and not because you're some lose who doesn't want to work hard.

    And it'll all get better soon, I promise!

    1. Yeah it's hard to not see this as some kind of failure but honestly. The fire wasn't my fault. My landlord evicting me isn't my fault. It's just a shitty situation

    2. That's right, it's absolutely no failure on your part.

      I have faith that the next place you find will be lovely and make you feel even more accomplished than you are now :-)

  3. SAVE SAVE SAVE!!! You may never have the opportunity to save like this for a long, long time (because hopefully you'll never have to live with your parents again). Ash, you're being too hard on yourself! This is not a failure! Did you light her candle and tell her to leave it unattended?

    1. I know. I'm putting as much as I can on my student debt and saving for a new place plus some furniture. Fingers crossed I find a place soon but it is a great opportunity to save. Hugs. I'm trying really hard to not just be depressed as hell and hide under the covers because I'm a walking ball of stress. I know it's not a failure but there's nothing quite like moving back home to make you feel like you're 13 again.

  4. 1 hour 40 is not driving distance. That's LONG DISTANCE. EEk.

    That being said, I lived with my parents (officially) until well after turning's not so bad in these economic times...Save as much as you can! :)


    1. It is long distance. It's about 3 hours a day added on to a 10 hour work day. It makes for a very tired Ash.

      I moved out at 24 so having to move back in at 29 is a shock to my system.