Friday, May 31, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Things That Hang Out in the Water

It has been the week from hell here.  It's so hot, there was brutal thunderstorms that caused MAJOR flooding and add to that, I've been insanely busy at work.

And, it was my awesome Blog Friend Quirky Chrissy's 30th Birthday this week, and in last weeks comments, she requested Dolphins. 

So there shall be Dolphins.

But there shall also be general cuteness that lives in the water.

Baby Dolphin

A Baby Dolphin, meeting a Penguin!!!

Adorable Pygmy Hippo.  Munchin' away on some salad.

Happy little Puffer Fish

Cutest baby Manatee EVER.

Adorable baby Manatee's being bottle fed by kinda cute SeaWorld Trainers.  

It doesn't get better than this people.

Never mind.  It just got better.  Is that not the most squee worthy baby Octopus EVER?

I didn't even know they COULD be cute!

OK Sharks aren't cute but OMG human baby in a Shark costume?  Too cute.

I totally need to be near the water right about now, and in this weather, water sounds like a great idea.



A friend of mine sent this to me this week and I thought it was awesome.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Arctic Animals

We are having our first official heat wave of the season.  Now I don't hate the heat, but what I do hate is the additional 10-20 degrees of HUMIDITY that is on top of the heat.  I like to drink my water thank you very much.  Not breathe it. 

So in light of the disgusting mugginess outside, I'm dedicating this weeks' Fluffy Thing Friday to animals that live in the snow.

Btw....all of these animals are another reason why Canada rocks.  We may not see them wandering around the city, but up North?  They're out there.

And yes Katie.....there will be a Penguin.

First off.

Polar Bears.  'Nuff said.

The Arctic Fox.  SO PRETTY.  SO FLUFFY.

Harp Seals.  Don't even get me going on how wrong the Seal Hunt is.  


The Snowy Owl.  Badass hunter that happens to be so pretty.

The above Owl may be gorgeous but OMG, the babies are TOO CUTE.

I have no words!!!!

An itty bitty Ermine.

And finally.  Penguins.

Can you tell I've been warm this week and have been dreaming of snow?  I miss snow.



Ok it's not Arctic, but it is fluffy and white and honestly, this perfectly sums up how my curly haired self has felt this week.'s an Angora Rabbit.  Yes they're real.  And yes, it basically looks like a cotton ball on steroids.....with ears.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Crazy Cat. Who May or May NOT Think he is Food.

I know that like the parents of human babies, everyone who has a furbaby thinks their furbaby is the cutest, smartest, fluffiest etc.

My 3 year old cat Jasper may not be the smartest, I mean he once fell into the bathtub with me because he was trying to attack the bubbles.  He was not a happy kitty.

He's cute but he's not like the most adorable thing on the planet.  I mean he's no Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat.

What he IS, is the silliest furball I have ever encountered.

It all started when he was a baby.

I soon learned that no matter how pretty or comfortable of a bed I bought for him, he much preferred to sleep in the most bizarre places.

And he later demonstrated a particular love of cookware.

Sleep in the bed you bought me?  Silly woman!

It all started with my homework. 

And my stereo.

And then suddenly, it was a frying pan. 


Thus began Jasper's love of food containers.

All food containers.

I wonder what kind of tree THAT grew on?


Really dude?  A lasagna pan?

My cat epitomizes the phrase, "If I fits, I sits"

But oh, food containers are not the only things he likes to sit/nap in/on.

Clearly he didn't learn from the bathtub incident.

And honestly who can resist curling up on fresh warm laundry?

Oh were you trying to make the bed?  Tough.

What do you mean you don't want cat fur on your towel for when you get out of the shower?
 Don't you want me all over your skin?

Oh is this where your head is supposed to go?  Too bad, I'm comfortable.

Bottom line, my cat will curl up in the most inappropriate places. 

I keep thinking I've seen it all and then BAM, I find him in a soup pot at my parents house. 

So he may not be the smartest or the cutest but I think that he wins the award for silliest.



Oh were you trying to blog?  I'll just sit here and stare at you.

Better yet, how about I pounce on your hand?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Porcupines!

OK OK, Porcupines aren't exactly "Fluffy"  but who cares.

I think they're adorable.

Unless of course you're a dog and you don't understand the concept of personal space.

Then, they're kinda horrid.

Not in an ugly way, but in a "I will kick your ass kinda way"

But back to them being cute.

Actually they do look kinda fluffy.

Aww prickly kisses!

Just hanging out.  Taking a nap.  Looking kinda fluffy and yet bad ass.  I mean in all honesty, how can you not respect an animal that shoots spikes out of it's ass.  It's like a real life Pokemon.

This little dude is adorably dog-like and doesn't realize that he's kinda scary.

Very chubby and rolly polly.

Ok this is disgustingly cute.



OK OK it's a hedgehog but seriously, how cute is that?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Koala!

First off. 

Koala's are NOT bears.  Despite looking like the most awesome teddy bears EVER.  They are marsupials.  I don't really care what they are, they're adorable.

Look at those ears!

I think Koala's are adorable.  Like seriously adorable.

And they look so cute sleeping.

I get that they're pretty much high as a kite from eating all that eucalyptus.  But who cares!

Because all that cuteness must be exhausting!

And I love that they carry their babies around on their backs.

I don't care if they're bears, or high from eating eucalyptus, or will kill me like everything else that's crazy and lives in Australia.  They're cute.  And I want to cuddle one.

I would lose my mind in a similar fashion if the cutest thing EVER decided to use me as a jungle gym all because it wanted cuddles.  I can't deny cute things cuddles.



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Apartment Hunting

So apartment hunting SUCKS.

Like seriously sucks.

Any time you're looking for a place in a large city you have to wade your way through a lot of crap to find the gems.

And if you're lucky, you can actually afford the gems.

My problem is that 1, I need my apartment to be transit accessible so I can get back and forth to work.  2, I'm on a budget so aren't willing to drop $1,400 a month on an apartment.  3, I'd rather not live in a neighborhood that will get me shot.  Oh and 4, no bugs. Or hookers.  But more to come on that later.

You'd think these would be all be reasonable requests that wouldn't be TOO hard to accommodate.

Think again.

Bed Bug Registry's infestation map
I'm wading through listings of places that are the size of a walk-in closet.

Places that are in areas of the city I wouldn't want to be in after dark.

And nice places that I'd love to live in if I could afford the staggering prices.

And what I've learned the most is that if you find a listing for a place that's in a good neighborhood, is a decent size, and is affordable there's almost ALWAYS a catch.

I mean how did people manage before the Internet.  If it weren't for things like and I could have very easily already moved into a place that could have turned out to be hell.

Here are some of the funnier (or scarier, depending on your mood) things I've found in some of the posts about buildings that in theory should be GREAT meaning they are all in good/safe neighborhoods, transit accessible and seemingly well maintained buildings renting 1-bedroom units approx. 600-800 square feet at a cost anywhere from $1,100 to $1,300 a month. 
I love this.

- Security bulletins on the tenant web portal with alerts about finding needles in the stairwells and hallways
- Bed bugs, roaches, centipedes and other assorted creepy crawlies
- Management randomly shutting off the hot water and or water in general for repairs with no notice (one guy said he never knew if he was going to shower before work in the morning!)
- Bicycles in the underground parking getting tires cut and one person who noted that one of the tenants would randomly smear dog poop on the handle bars of people's bikes.
- Funky food smells (this in the grand scheme of things isn't that bad)

- Wonky elevators that are constantly down for service (in a 2 story building this is just FUN)
- People pulling fire alarms as pranks on a regular basis at 3am
- And my favorite, a building that has a known "Escort Service" operating out of 2 apartments.  Now I'm not sure if the hookers live there or the manager/pimp/creep who runs it lives there.  If push comes to shove I'd rather have hookers for neighbors than a pimp because I'm sure the hookers are perfectly nice ladies.

So this is my dilemma.  I either need to pick the lesser of a few evils that I'm willing to tolerate (no bugs!!!  I'll take the hookers over the bugs!!) Or I need to consider living in a place that is at the very top of my budget or even a bit more.  The positive thing is that I'm currently living with my parents and am able to put a decent amount of money onto my remaining student debt which means that the longer it takes me to find a place, the better a financial situation I will be in.  Not to say that I want to live with my parents for 4 months but if that's the reality then at least I'm saving up money and hopefully cutting my debt in half.  Which is an opportunity I would otherwise never have.

So in the meantime, Jasper and I are going to say no to bugs and hookers.

Can you really blame me?



Not only does this look EXACTLY like my cat Jasper, but he tends to sleep wrapped around my head and will randomly lick my forehead and hair.  It's totally creepy and I asked the Vet about it and he said that it's very common.  He sees me as his pack leader and it's common for animals to groom each other.

It's still creepy but clearly I'm not the only pet owner who's had to deal with it.