Friday, April 5, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Easter!

In retrospect this post should have been last week given that last Friday was, ya know, Good Friday and all.

If my brain had actually been functioning and not just going OMG FIRE WTF all the time it would have occurred to me.

But I figure better late than never.

Easter is an awesome holiday in that it usually means spring is here (except in Canada where we clearly didn't get the memo because it's been effing COLD).  And of course spring means baby animals.

And you know I love me some baby animals.

So without much further ado, here are some of Easter's best baby animals.

Easter isn't Easter without a bunny.  Look at the little nose, and those cute floppy ears.  
Bunnies are adorable and according to Cadbury they are the bringers of the almighty Cream Egg.
Works for me!!

This ball of Floof is an Angora rabbit.  You know, like the sweaters.
Yes there is actually a bunny in there under all the fluff.

Baby chicks.  I mean these little dudes are Peeps in real life.  
Swimming in the sink!!!
 It doesn't get better than this people.

Lambs.  Yes, like Bacon, I am never eating Lamb chops again because OMG look at that face!!!!

I seriously squee'd in real life when I saw this little dude.

Oh the things people do to their pets on holidays. 
 Kitty is like "Why do you hate me?"

 OMG so pissed off but so cute.

Seriously, where do I get a bunny onsie for my cat.  

I don't have words to express how much I love this. 
Kristee, you totally have to do this next year!!



I LOVE this picture.  And just the thought of this momma cat adopting these baby ducks makes me go all squishy in my heart.

Btw....I'm totally putting bunny ears on Jasper next year.


  1. FLOOFY BUNNYYYYYY! Bunny fur is like cat fur to me- it makes me sneezy and itchy. But OMG FLOOFY BUNNY! WANT!

    1. I could never wear an angora sweater, omg the itching but yeah, I want to snuggle the floofy bunny.

      I also have the insane urge to groom it. It's like when I see a floofy cat or Sheep Dog, I just want to comb its hair.