Friday, April 26, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Baby Elephants

Baby Elephants are adorable.  They're kinda clumsy, weight as much as a Smart Car and have awesome ears.

What more could you want from an animal?

Apparently what's even cuter is that baby Elephants need contact and like to cuddle.

If you haven't seen it, check out the documentary "Born to be Wild" check it out.  It follows 2 women who in their own ways have done huge amounts of work for animal conservation.  One working with orphaned Elephants and the other Orangutangs. 

In the baby Elephant sections they talk about the babies getting depressed and scared.  They have problems sleeping the their keepers stay with them all night staying on little cots next to them.


But seriously.  They're adorable.

I love the fluff on their heads.

Awww it must be exhausting being that big and cute.

And yeah they are kinda goofy acting.

Like REALLY goofy.

Keeper cuddles!!!!  This made me squee.

No joke.  I want to cuddle a baby Elephant now.

Adorable right?



Btw guys, I don't support the circus.  Elephants are treated horribly and they are very sensitive animals as you can tell.  It's not cool.  Not cool at all.  I mean go watch Dumbo.  If it doesn't make you cry then you probably didn't care when Bambi's mom got shot.

And if you haven't already seen this.  Watch it.

So guys I wrote this post yesterday before I got some really shitty fire related news last night.  Last week my landlord had contacted me telling me they were terminating my lease because they had to do extensive wall repairs to my unit.  I talked to the Landlord Tenant Board and they said termination of lease has to be accompanied by 120 days notice.  Well guess what, my landlord found a technicality that in my lease it states that in the case of an emergency they can repossess the unit immediately to secure it and make the necessary repairs.  So that means I have to move back home to my parents house this weekend.  Thank God I have somewhere to go but as you can imagine I pretty much feel like my world is destroyed as I have no idea how I'm going to get to and from my job for the foreseeable future as my parents live in an outer suburb of Toronto and I don't own a car anymore.  All in all, I'm trying to keep a smile on my face saying it can't get any worse but honestly, that's what I thought when I had 120 days to find an apartment.  Guess what, it just got worse. 


  1. Thanks for doing the elephants! Soooo cuteeee! I didn't realize how snuggly they were and now I want one.

    I'm sorry, Ash. It just sucks. It really really sucks. xoxo

  2. Just focus on the cute baby elephants, Ash. You'll find a place. You'll figure something out. And when you come out on the other side? Leave a flaming bag of poop (preferably elephant poop) on the stoop of your landlord's place.

    1. LOL that would be awesome actually. Thankfully I have parents and my boss and company are being very helpful and are going to try and do what they can to help. It's all just a shock.

  3. Aww, the elephants are so cute. Elephants are so emotional, what happens to them in areas that are poached is so, so sad.

    1. It's so sad because they're so sensitive for such a huge strong animal.

  4. Elephants are so smart and evolved - they have social rituals and norms, it's incredible. I'm sorry to hear about your apartment situation, it sounds really stressful and I hope it works out! It's great you have a support system nearby. Keep us posted!

    1. Thanks hun. I'm all moved in with mom and dad so that stress is at least over. Now I just have to find an apartment.

  5. Oh Ash, that is horrible news. I hope you're coming along with finding a place :-/ Thank goodness your parents live close enough, but it has to be beyond frustrating to have this thrust upon you so suddenly.

    Not to be terribly vindictive....but did the person who started the fire in the first place have to leave as well?

    Best of luck to you!