Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Help! I'm being strangled by my dress!

OK so a very good friend of mine is getting married in May.

I took this as an opportunity to buy a dress I've wanted for a while.

I splurged and bought myself a really nice convertible wrap dress from a shop in New York. 

You know the one's I'm talking about.  Where it's basically a skirt and long straps that you criss-cross across your upper body to make like a million and one different styles?

Like this:

The dress is made out of a beautiful stretch jersey material and with the style flexibility I figured it was a great investment.

Now there are tons of different manufacturers of these types of dresses and a million and one tutorials on YouTube showing you how do to the various wrap styles.

Problem is.....I'm not the most co-ordinated person in the world.  So you give me any article of clothing that has two 9 FOOT STRAPS and I'm potentially going to strangle myself while trying to get dressed.

No joke.  I got the dress last night and tried a few of the more basic wraps and OMG.  Seriously?

You need to be a fucking engineer to figure out how to do this.

The videos make it look so simple but keep in mind, the people doing the demonstrations have done it so many times they could do it drunk and blindfolded.

Me?  Not so much.

Thankfully I have till May to figure this thing out.  Because based on last night's attempts I'm either going to strangle myself, accidentally have a boob pop out or have the whole thing just unravel accidentally.

On a side note a friend of mine joked that weddings are good places to meet guys.  Even if I do meet someone, no worries about drunkenly going home with someone because seriously there's no way in hell any guy is going to be able to figure out how to get me out of this thing!

Anyone successfully worn one of these dresses?  

Were you actually able to get in and out of it without assistance?

Because I think I need more hands.



I totally felt like this little dude.

Death by Party Dress!!!

 BTW...my cat? Totally thought the long straps were a toy and kept trying to attack them while I was trying to maneuver this dress on.


  1. Good luck, and I hope you survive the learning process.

    1. Thanks! I'm going to try and wear it to a friend's Birthday Dinner in a few weeks and practice practice practice!

  2. You are so brave. I know I'd end up all kinds of tangled and no kinds of cute. I'll say a little prayer for you! (And now you have that song stuck in your head. Admit it!)

    1. Thanks! I'm soooooooooo glad I didn't wait till the last minute to buy this dress because no joke, I'm going to need lots of practice.

      Btw....you suck. I'm totally singing that song now. And in my head, totally picturing the opening sequence to My Best Friend's Wedding.

  3. Yeah, I had a dress like this once and I somehow did it wrong and half my boob was hanging out and I had NO IDEA the entire time I wore it that night. Awesome. They're fun and cute once you get the hang of it, though. American Apparel?

    1. LOL that's what happened last night while I was trying it. Somehow I lost a strap, and somehow an entire boob wasn't covered. I think the key will be wearing a solid black slip underneath JUST IN CASE.

  4. LMAO. I considered one of those dresses...And then realized I would NEVER be able to figure it out. And bought a fast cheap and easy one instead. :)

    1. It apparently gets easier with practice.