Monday, February 4, 2013

Why the Super Bowl was just AWESOME.

I admit to loving football.  I really do.  And not just because of the tight pants.

This year's Super Bowl just reminded me WHY I love football.

I don't know the official stats on it but I'm pretty sure more people watch the Super Bowl than the Oscars.  I mean don't the people that go to the Oscars watch the Super Bowl? 

Only in football can a man such as Ray Lewis constantly cry like a little girl and yet manage to still be scary as hell.

Some of the best commercials of all time have come out of the Super Bowl.  If you haven't seen it, check out the following VW Commercial that debuted at the Super Bowl a few years ago.

Half-time shows are over blown, cheesy and generally crappy.  Case in point, Beyonce was apparently trying to prove something by singing live after the flack she got for lip-syncing at the Inauguration.  But honestly?  She SUCKED, but no more than Madonna did last year.  I mean half the time she was just shaking her ass while the track ran in the background.  And then she brought out the other members of Destiny's Child, threw them a bone, and yet managed to still be insulting by having her microphone turned up louder than theirs.

And finally there was the BLACKOUT.

I mean seriously.  A power failure in the middle of the Super Bowl?  How does crap like that happen? And did anyone notice that after about 5 minutes the commentators had no idea what to say to fill the time?

The upside was that Twitter EXPLODED because the Internet lives for shit like this and the result was some of the funniest stuff ever.

Here's some of the stuff I loved:

And my favourite...

There were also lots of jokes about Beyonce being so hot that she blew a circuit but considering I thought her performance SUCKED I'm not going to include those.  If anything, her hairdryer could have been the cause.   

Also, I went into the Super Bowl knowing which Harbaugh brother coached which team but with all the commentators going on about Coach John and Coach Jim I found myself getting confused.  I mean can't we just dub them H1 and H2?

BTW....The REAL winner of the Super Bowl? 




p.s.  I've renamed Super Bowl XLVII "Big Poppa Ray and the Harbaugh Brothers".  Sounds like a 70s Motown band or gay porn. 

Here are more of the funny Tweets from the Super Bowl that Buzzfeed has gathered.


  1. So sad football season is over again! However, if it took the Ravens winning the Super Bowl to make Ray Lewis go away already, I'm all for it. So over him!

    I may have mini-napped through Beyonce. ;)

    1. I know, I'm going to miss football. I like Ray Lewis but honestly the crying got a little excessive. I'm glad he went out with a win but enough already.

      I wish I had napped through Beyonce.

  2. I'm a little upset you didn't include the puppy bowl as being the BEST PART of super bowl Sunday. COME ON! :)

    1. I know, I know. I caught the Kitty Half Time Show. I didn't realize it started at 3 and I wasn't home yet. Every time I watched the live stream on their website it was just puppies napping in the locker room.

  3. LOL. It was great. Friggin' hilarious.

    1. It was pretty hilarious. I logged onto Twitter just to see the carnage.

  4. I loved watching Jim Harbaugh get so mad over what he thought should of been a holding fowl. He is the craziest coach I have seen in awhile. Just google Jim Harbaugh mad and there are pics of him foaming at the mouth and throwing things...its pretty hilarious!!

    And I agree I am glad Ray Lewis gone finally!!

    1. OMG he gets crazy eyes. That's insane.

  5. Aww I forgot about how fun Twitter was likely to be during the Superbowl. Guess I should've watched it after all.

    When my friend was telling me there'd been a blackout I started imagining all of the fun pandemonium someone in the stands could've caused. Yelling "VELOCIRAPTORS ATTACKING!!" would've been top of my list ;-)

    1. There was totally a Jurassic Park feel to the day. Loved it.

  6. 1. I loved how close the game was, like nobody knew for sure which team was going to win till the very last minute. Close games are the most exciting!

    2. I don't get why they couldn't play through the "blackout". I mean, there was still enough light by which to see. And then when the lights finally came back on? How LAME was that counter announcing how many "yards gained since blackout"? STUPID. That's seriously the best they could come up with?

    3. It didn't even occur to me to check in with my Twitters during the game! Now I'm sad cuz I missed all the funnies! But happy and grateful cuz you pointed them out to me! So thanks! :)

    1. 1. I know, I wanted the Ravens to win but if it had been an easy landslide like early in the game it would have been a lot less fun.

      2. Apparently it wasn't because of the lights but they had no communications working. So none of the headset etc. I get it but that's what made the jokes about sticking flashlights to the helmets so awesomely funny.

      3. Totally check Twitter for all major TV events. I learned this last year during the Oscars. Two words. Leg Bombing. It was fantastic.