Monday, February 25, 2013

A Note on The Oscars

I know there's going to be a ton out there on this today but here's my 2 cents.

Best Dressed.....totally goes to Jennifer Garner. Hands down.  That dress was gorgeous.

Worst Dressed.....Nicole Kidman.   I'm not into the whole skin tight glittery thing.  And OMG what the hell has happened to her lips???

Seth MacFarlane is an asshole.  I know, I know.  What did I expect from the creator of Family Guy?  But seriously. He's racist, he's sexist, he's kinda cute but overall?  An asshole.  And you know it's bad when you start the show by pointing out that everyone is going to say you're the worst Oscar presenter EVER and bring out Captain Kirk to save your ass.


Anne Hathaway. 

There are tons of people on the Internet that LOVE to hate Anne Hathaway.

I don't hate her but I don't like her either. 

Let me clarify.  I don't dislike her in movies.  I dislike her when she's speaking personally.  She's too cutesy and sugary sweet.  I just don't buy it.  Her cheesy opening of "It came true!!" like can you be more cliche and fake?  She just comes across as very disingenuous. 

And I'm not the only one.  Check out this article.  And just look at the picture?  Could your smile be  any more phony?

That aside, I enjoyed The Oscars.  

I loved that they did a tribute to Musicals.  I mean.  Shirley Bassey, Barbara Streisand, Adele, Jennifer Hudson, the cast from Les Miserables, Nora Jones and even Catherine Zeta-Jones busted out in full Chicago form.


But dear dear pint sized Kristin Chenoweh.  That duet at the end with Seth MacFarlane to "The Losers" was soooooooooo beneath you.

And randomly, what the hell was going on with Michelle Obama "presenting" Best Picture?  At first I thought OMG, she's presenting because they're going to give it to Lincoln and that would make sense but WTF?



Pissed about any of the winners or losers?




  1. I loved Jennifer Garner's dress from the front, but the back kind of ruined it for me. :/ Too much going on!

    Nicole Kidman is not even human looking anymore. Creepy.

    1. See, I LOVED the back. It was flowy and pretty. And I just loved that shade of purple.

      She really doesn't. I mean she's starting to get into Melanie Griffith territory.

  2. I haven't had a chance to watch them all the way through (it's DVRd), but I completely agree with your assessments of Anne Hathaway and the dresses you pictured here.

    1. They weren't the WORST Oscars. At least I wasn't ready to throw somehting at the TV because they pretty much gave the awards to the right people. Btw....tell me after you watch you now LOVE Daniel Day-Lewis and his speech? For such an intense actor he's super sweet and funny.

  3. This was a really interesting perspective for me to read, because I have to say, I really enjoyed Seth as host --- much to my surprise, as I was prepared to hate the whole thing! I actually liked Mrs. Obama presenting best pic, but I agree that it was definitely unexpected and somewhat odd. I thought Academy Awards in years past were somewhat BLAH, and that this one was the best in a long time. BUT --- I totally respect why you didn't like it so well. I'm sharing this post on my FB page today to round out discussions. Thanks for sharing your views! :)

    1. Honestly he wasn't as bad as I expected either considering I HATE Family Guy. But I thought domestic abuse and rape jokes were more than a little tacky.

      The Mrs.Obama thing was just incredibly random and between that and Shatner coming out at the beginning it was almost like they were presuming that Seth was going to need help or a distraction.

      Thanks for the Share!!