Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why the NHL can kiss my ass.

I'm Canadian. 

What that means is, that on a genetic level, I have a great love for the game of hockey.

Which of course means that in typing the above title, a little bit of my soul died.

For you non-sports people who don't know, the NHL has finally come to the end of one of the shittiest lock-outs in hockey history.  If you feel the need to understand the why, read THIS.

The why is not really the problem.  Because at this point I DON'T GIVE A CRAP.

I refuse to come running because they have finally managed to get their shit together. 

Now I'm from Toronto.  And we already have a tenuous relationship with our team.  The Toronto Maple Leafs are the most financially successful teams in the NHL.  Tickets to see a home game, are some of the most costly in professional sports.  And to top it all off, we suck and are the most hated team in all of hockey. 

Ok we don't REALLY suck.  But we haven't made the playoffs in what, 7 years?  And we haven't won a championship since 1967.

And yet every single year they sell out every single game.  And every pre-season, there's some idiot on the news saying he's going to mark his spot on Yonge St. for the parade because THIS will be the year that we win the Cup. 

Are you shitting me?

At least the up-side of the strike was that I had a few more months where I didn't have to watch the Leafs lose.

But now hockey is coming back. 


Except, I won't be watching it.

I joined a football pool this year and have been following the NFL because a girl needs a sport to watch!  And my hockey wasn't around when I needed it, so like a trampy teenage girl, I went looking for something better.  Something that would support MY needs as a sports fan.  And ya know what?  I stopped missing hockey months ago.  And now that it's come crawling back?  I'm going to teach it a lesson and make it wait for when I'm READY to forgive it.




  1. Hey Ash, couldn't agree with you more. I'm a Leafs fan through and through. They've never won a Cup in my lifetime...that doesn't matter to me. I'm a fan. Period.

    But, the whiny billionarie owners and whiny millionaire players have pissed me off. I won't be watching anytime soon. The big payoff both parties need is TV contracts. If we don't turn on the TV's, the ratings fall, the contracts won't be as rich, and both parties lose. That's the only way the fans can get back at both parties.

    I'll still be glued to TV at 11:00 every night watching SportsDesk and again at 7:00 every morning to catch all the highlights. But watching a game on a network??? Not anytime soon for this die hard fan.

    Just bought tickets for the Generals game on Friday night. The OHL is getting my support now.

    1. Of course you agree with me. Because I'm right!!

      I'm sick of the bullshit. I mean this isn't the first lock-out in the past few years. It's getting a little out of hand at this point. And I'm just not willing to forgive and forget so easily.

  2. The question is: Which football team have you chosen as your favorite?

    I go through "hockey is OK" phases...Right now, I'm over it. LOL. :)

    Also, I'm considering switching to less professional sports love, because the $$ BS behind professional athletes is astounding. I'm sorry you work a few months out of the year and make HOW MANY TIMES MY SALARY????

    1. Ooo this could get political. I've been watching football off and on for years but I don't so much have a "team" as I have PLAYERS. I was happily a Colts fan for many years but they have forsaken my football-husband Peyton so I have abandoned them. Also a Ray Lewis fan but don't consider myself a Ravens fan in general. The team I curse the least is probably the Steelers but they were useless this year.

      I guess I probably have to follow Peyton and go with the Broncos which means my boys will be playing against each other on Saturday.

      I still love hockey. I'm just pissed at the NHL and would rather watch 6 year olds battle it out on the ice at this point.

      I've been pretty happy to follow Football and Soccer although I get a total kick out of watching professional Rugby.

    2. This logic makes sense to me! The year the NFL was having a pissing match over everything and everything started late I was so frustrated!