Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Every so often, my OCD runs rampant and I feel the need to organize everything in sight.

I mean, not to say that everything isn't already organized.  But something will nag at me and then once I start.....OMG.  MUST.....ORGANIZE......EVERYTHING!!

It started with my books.

As I've mentioned, I have more books than square footage.  And because of some design features in my apartment, I don't have room for another bookcase.

What that means kids, is that I have to get bloody creative in my organizing.

Because of the books I got for Christmas, I have officially maxed out the places I can strategically put books in my apartment and still have it look 'decorative'.

I've got large art books on the tops of my bookcase, I've strategically stacked books on my shelf to be not only decorative but to utilize the vertical shelf space as well as the horizontal, I've got books on my mantle, I've got books on my desk.

In order to accomplish this, I bought cute bookends.  A few decorative boxes to store things in and that's where it began.

Once I start organizing.  Things tend to get a bit out of control.

Owl bookends.  Like my hooters?
All of a sudden, I needed shelves in my linen closet to organize things.  I need a new shower caddy to hold my shampoo and various hair related products.

I needed a new trash can in my bathroom.

I needed this can organizing thing for my kitchen cupboard.

Ooooo.  Look at the cool thing they make to organize your sock drawer!!!!

And did I mention I need something to organize the shoes by my front door?

Ya see where I'm going with this?

Once you start.  It is almost impossible to stop.  And I'm not really in a position to drop $300 on organizational STUFF for my apartment.

But now that I know all this stuff needs to be done.  I can't help but focus on it.  Now all I see, are the shoes at my front door.  OMG why do I have so many shoes?

And this my friends is why going to stores like Solutions, when you have OCD and a hankering to organize is a BAD IDEA.

Looks like 2013 is going to be the year of CRAZY.



BTW.....for a good laugh, check this list out from Buzzfeed.

19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane

Honestly, #15 kills me.  There are 2 microwaves in our office and it drives me crazy.  I have been known to do this at friends houses.  It hurts my head.



  1. I like your hooters. I know there are a lot of book purists out there, but honestly, the biggest advantage of reading on a kindle is that I no longer fill all the available storage space. That is now taken up by my husband's Transformers and Batman toys. I mean "Tasteful Batman Statues." Whatever.

    1. The problem is, I have an eReader. And it has 600+ books on it. But I feel compelled to buy the print versions of books either in a series I already own, or by an author I already own. I love my eReader for convenience but I LOVE my books. And I love having them in my apartment.

      Someone once teasingly said to me, never date a guy who doesn't have any books in his apartment. It was a joke but I was like OMG, no books? Who doesn't have books??!!

    2. OMG seriously, who doesn't have books?!?!? I think that's very sound advice!!

  2. LOVE the owl bookends. :) All I know is that reading your post made me want to find a sock drawer organizer and reinvigorated my yearning for a shoe organizer for my closet, LOL.

    1. LOVE my Owls.

      They make these inserts for your sock drawer with little diamond shapes so you can put an individual pair in each little sock cubby.

      I NEED a good shoe rack for my hall. I already have my shoes in those clear stackable shoeboxes but I need a rack to put them on.

  3. Oh my god, I'm always yelling at my parents for #15, because I'm always using the microwave clock as a timekeeper. Drives me nuts.

    1. #15 really does hurt my head. I don't think I can ignore it even if I tried.

  4. #6- ALSO the colors are not the same on both sides!!

    I understand completely. Brian and I get in "fights" because our office/spare room is still a disaster (we're using a kitchen table as the "desk") and there are boxes of his stuff not organizes or anything. It's driving me nuts. My books are all still in boxes at the parents' house...Probably going to be donating/selling a lot of them for the sake of space, which kind of breaks my heart.

    1. This is why I'm convinced I'll never be able to live with someone again. I can't handle other people's mess. And someone would kill me over my nitpicking.

  5. Have I mentioned that I love you? I feel like my head is going to explode when I look at that list! I'm not allowed into the container store - it's an evil (genius) evil place. As for the books: Are you someone who wants them just to have them to have a nice library? If not, have you looked at selling any on amazon? I have sold a TON of books on amazon and actually this past weekend I indulged my OCD side and listed some because I've decided that if I've already read a book, wasn't in love with it, I was getting rid of it because when I have to move a bunch of books I've already read, I want to punch myself in the throat.

    1. Tee hee. Love you too hun.

      My books are my babies!! I will give a few away and do book swaps but I limit myself to only buying physical books by authors I have/love. Everything else is electronic. If I don't think I'm going to re-read it, eBook only.

  6. My house must have been like living in hell LOL
    Love your OCD, I have my quirks but you are a special kinda person X

    1. Having kids would kill me, I'd constantly be organizing Lego pieces by size and colour.

      LOL you calling me crazy?

  7. I feel your pain! When my former roommate moved out I suddenly realized that I didn't have to keep all of my books in boxes anymore! I became a bookshelf hoarder. It was horrible. I was trolling craigslist and garage sale adds looking for nice but inexpensive bookshelves. I finally had to stop once I'd added 3 more shelves to my house. I still don't have enough room for everything and I've found another place where I can stick another shelf so as soon as the Christmas tree comes down (yes.. I know) I'm getting one more shelf to fill out my living room.

    I'm not OCD in the traditional sense but I love to organize things. At my old apartment with Francesca I was always organizing things in ways that made no sense to her but made perfect sense to me. "Ann, where are all of the cat toys?" They're in the bin with the glitter glue and the staple-gun, of course.

    1. My problem is I have one huge wall totally open, but there's a stupid fake fireplace and mantle built into it. So yay, pretty, but it means I can't put furniture in front of it. If that mantle wasn't there, I could fit 2 more bookcases!!

      LOL. See I have a little basket for all Jasper's toys.

  8. your blog is amazing. new follower!