Friday, January 4, 2013

My "To Read" List

I've mentioned it before.  But I'll mention it again.  I'm a book nerd.

Like seriously.

I have more books than square footage in my apartment.

Books can be found in every room of my apartment.

I have an Excel spreadsheet of my books.   I have OCD, get over it :P

Not to mention I worked at a bookstore for about 5 years.

Yay books!!   *\o/*

So of course, I asked for books for Christmas.  And I got them.

What this means is that my "To Read" list is getting bigger and bigger all the time.

It's currently sitting just shy of over 300 books.  Yeah you read that right.  3, count 'em, 300 books.  And that's not even including all the books I want to re-read because it's been years and a new part in a series is coming out and I want to re-cap.  I don't even know what that number would be.

But I'm going to set myself reasonable goals and start out with the 20 that I am going to target first.

So here we go:

1.  "Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore" by Robin Sloan.
I just started this and love it so far.  I mean come on, anything set in a bookstore is right up my alley.

2. "Brains: A Zombie Memoir" by Robin Becker
How can I not read this.

3. "City of Lost Souls" by Cassandra Clare
Yeah it's teen fiction.  I know.  But I've read the others and it's my brain candy.

4. "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski
I have been intrigued by this book for months now. 

5. "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova
This is probably going to be an emotional one, but it's a book club read in April.

6. "In One Person" by John Irving
Love John Irving.  Love. Love. Love.

7. "A Dance With Dragons" George R.R. Martin
This book is sitting on my shelf mocking me.  I honestly needed a break after reading the rest of this series pretty much back to back but come on Ashley.  It's time to conquer that shit and get it done.

8. "Ten" by Gretchen McNeil
Another teen one but one that comes HIGHLY recommended.

9 and 10. "Spellbound" and "13" by Kelley Armstrong.
I'm way behind in her "Women of the Otherworld" series.  But she's Canadian and sets some of her stuff in Toronto so I keep up with the series.

11. "The 100-Year Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared" by Jonas Jonasson
Another one that comes highly recommended.

12. "Styxx" by Sherrilyn Kenyon
What?  Did you expect everything on here to be serious?  This is a total guilty pleasure that I've been reading since I was in university.  It's trashy paranormal romance but I don't give a crap.  It's awesome trashy paranormal romance.

13. "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynn Truss
It's a book on Grammar and Punctuation.  How have  I not already read this book?

14. "Cutting for Stone" by Abraham Verghese
This is another book club read.  I wasn't looking forward to it when it was announced but other people have since raved about it.

15.  "Written in My Own Hearts Blood" by Diana Gabladon
This is presuming it is actually released in 2013.  Katie at Words for Worms and I are both holding our breath on this one. I think if it does actually get released I may not sleep for a few days as I try to jam the entire thing in ASAP.  On a side note.  This is one of the series I want to do a re-read of.  7 books, 8 including this one.  All are large enough to injure someone if you hit them in the head with it.  Sounds like a plan!!

16. "World Without End" by Ken Follett
I loved The Pillars of the Earth.  But I'm wary of a sequel written so many years later.

17. "Iced" by Karen Marie Moning
I started this book but had to put it aside.  It's the spin-off of a series I loved but OMG.  The main character pisses me off to no end. 

18. "The Kingmaker's Daughter" by Philippa Gregory
Another in a long series that I've been reading.  I love my historical fiction.

19. "The Nightmare" by Lars Kepler
Sequel to The Hypnotist.  If you liked the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson.  Check this series out.

20. "The Fifth Child" by Doris Lessing
Sounds creepy and different.  Another recommendation from a friend.




  1. I really wish I had your discipline to just sit down and read. Really need to get back into Gone Girl.

    1. Helps that I commute to and from work on the train and don't watch TV. Like AT ALL.

    2. I know! I'm the one that recommended it to her. Loved it.

    3. My motion sickness is AWFUL. If I could read on the train, I would get so much more done. OK, I'm starting Gone Girl again tonight.

    4. Yeah motion sickness sucks. FINISH GONE GIRL!!!

  2. My GoodReads & library hold list is ever-expanding!

    On the subject of historical fiction, have you read anything by Alison Weir? She's a Tudor History expert but has expanded into fiction. Margaret George is really awesome too (she's kind of like Philippa Gregory but a little less fluffy, and don't get me wrong, I love Ms. Gregory's books).

    I'll stop rambling. I love to read!

    1. Love Alison Weir. I read her bio on Eleanor of Aquitaine as well as Mary, Queen of Scotts.

      I like Margaret George, but I didn't love the Cleopatra book.

  3. I have so many books that I want to read. I don't know if there will ever be enough time!

    1. Like any hobby you need to make time for it and put the effort in.

  4. House of Leaves is fantastic, It's a complicated read, but I love it. I've tried to get others to read it by recommending it and even giving it as a gift on occasion, but so far I have yet to succeed!

    1. That's so good to know!! It sounds super cool with the format and all the bizarre stuff in it. I can't wait!!!! I'll let you know when I finish it.

  5. I try not to let myself go into the bookstore more than once every couple of months. Every time I go I end up buying several books and I never have time to read.

    I also need to work on my discipline and get back into reading more!!

    1. There's one in the mall attached underground to my office. It's insane.

      My aunt had that problem. As she got older she found she just couldn't read before bed any more. She'd get sleepy and found herself re-reading the same 20 pages over and over.

      I know for me, once I get into a book. I don't want to stop till its done. Which results in crazy lack of sleep on occasion.

    2. Public library! Get some use out of those tax dollar we pay. :) I'm a huge fan and then I'll never have to pack up boxes of books whenever I move.

    3. I know I shoudl use the library more. I know I should. But I love having my books around me. It's part of my home. I really only do buy the one's by author's I've read before.

  6. Oh you gorgeous bookworm, thanks for the shout-out! So, yes obviously we're BOTH like literally holding our breath for the new Gabaldon. (Which apparently is not yet complete..) I must say, World Without End rocked my world just like Pillars of the Earth did. Dance with Dragons... I'm getting a little meh with this series. Effing Dorne. I mean, come on! Stark children! Dragon Queen! Lannisters! Keep focused, Martin! Cutting for Stone I have a complicated relationship with. It was very intense, and while I really enjoy well researched details, I feel like I now know way too much about fistulas. I'll be interested to hear what you think about it.

    1. I'm convinced it's going to be released December 31st just to screw with me.

      I've been holding out on reading World Without End but I will do it.

      I'm so done with the Ice and Fire books but I can't NOT finish the series. But he needs to get his shit together and wrap this up. There is officially too many characters at this point.

      I'll let you know about Cutting for Stone. It didn't appeal to me when my bookclub nominated it and I still don't love the summary but people have ranted and raved so I'm trying to be open minded.