Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!.....can't talk.....gotta go puke

Happy New Year my lovelies!!!

As you're already guessing, I had an "interesting" New Years.

Oh we hear you me.
The holidays were great. My birthday on the 24th was awesome despite the whole turning 29 business. 

Christmas Day was stressful but the turkey was fantastic.  Plus....presents.

Boxing Day sales were pretty impressive on the 26th. 

I saw Les Miserables (OMG MUST SEE!!) with my book club on the 27th.

Had lunch and saw The Hobbit (part 1 of like 50) on the 28th with a friend from work, and on the 29th drank wine and watched Mean Girls with a friend from University. 

And then on the 30th Ash rested.  Cause seriously? I needed a nap.

Then came the 31st. 

After what was actually a stressful as hell day.  I ended up last minute hanging out with a friend but ended up going home at about 10 because you guessed it.  I got sick.  Not the flu.  Not from copious amounts of alcohol.

Food Poisoning.

A knife life feeling to the gut followed by about a solid hour of puking my guts out.

How bad was it?  I actually burst some blood vessels around my eyes and mouth.

Apparently that's a common thing.  Who knew?

But after a day of curling up on the couch with my cat and a 2 day fast/diet/didn't want to eat out of fear of more puke, I'm back at the office and bloody glad that it's Thursday.  You know what would be better?  Friday. 

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.  And here's to a hopefully puke free 2013!!



Obligatory cat photo.....Jasper was clearly loving the wrapping paper on Christmas morning.


  1. Aww, I'm so sorry to hear you got sick! So glad you're feeling better, and cheers to a happy and healthy 2013. :)

    1. Thanks hun. You too! It was a pretty shitty start but I'm choosing to take it as a metaphorical purging to start the new year right.

    2. You poor thing. What a lousy way to ring in the new year. But I love that optimistic outlook!

    3. It was pretty shitty but fantastically hilarious if it was happing to anyone but me. I'm choosing to look at it in a positive way. I mean not only metaphorical purging.....but unique beginning to the 2013 diet ;)

  2. Friday would definitely be better! It'll come soon dear! Happy New Year!

  3. Food poisoning? Oh no! At least you know the new year will be all uphill, right?! I mean, whatever the year has in store has GOT to be better than being violently ill!

    1. Exactly!! I mean there's only an uphill from puking till you pop blood vessels right?

  4. Oh man, that's the worst. Glad to hear you're feeling better, though! And cute cat. :)

    1. It was pretty crappy and I'm still not back to 100% but getting there. Hope you had a good Christmas/New Years. Thanks.....that's my furbaby Jasper!

  5. ugh. I'm getting queasy just thinking about getting a tummy bug. What an awful way to ring in the year BUT maybe now you won't have another one for all of 2013 :)