Friday, January 18, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - A Case of the Monday's. Except it's Friday.

Happy Friday people.

I haven't written this week and I don't have a real explanation for why.

All I can say is that I have a case of the Mondays.

If you don't get this reference, go watch Office Space. Do it NOW!!

I've been feeling a little blah all week.  The office has been busy, I've been battling a cold, I haven't been sleeping well and it's been pretty grey and gloomy outside.

All of this has resulted in me having no motivation AT ALL.  To do ANYTHING.

But today I figured I'd say hello in celebration of it being Friday because trust me, there hasn't been a TFIF (yes I say TFIF not TGIF) moment greater than this morning when my alarm went off.

My brain is still pretty much mush so in celebration of my boss "working from home" today, I figured I'd take some time to share some of the things that have crossed my plate that either made me giggle or squee this week.

OMG if looks could kill.

It's OK little dude, I got ya covered.

We've already discussed this topic HERE.  

Reading AND Technology in one joke.  Sigh.  Happy Ash.

If you haven't checked this site out.  Do it.  It's hilarious.
Also do you know why there is no  

Case in point.  My little dude Jasper
in jungle predator mode trying to attack my fingers
while I type.  

Every single one of these is TRUE.

OMG look at that face!

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and an epic weekend.




  1. Will have to check out the curly hair link, but the cat video is adorable LOL. Happy Friday!

    1. Some of it is hilarious and so true for us frizz-prone people. Happy Friday!!

  2. dude, another cold?!?!! I hope you have a great weekend, ash!

    1. This is the cold that never went away but never really became anything more than the most annoying case of the sniffles EVER. That and I can't seem to get warm.

      I'm going home to mom and dad's so mom can ply me with soup. Hugs!!

  3. Just think...IT'S FRIDAY!!!! I love all of these images. And of course the sweetie pie declining cat! Love this!

    1. I know, and Amen for that. Today I just needed cute cudly things that made me happy. LOVE the declining cat. So polite.

  4. That curly hair site is hilarious. SOO true!

    Your blog is not making my kitty/puppy fever any better. That cat is adorbs.

    Feel better! Have a great weekend!

  5. I've had the Monday's all week long too. Blech.

  6. I love the curly hair someecard and site, because it's so true! My dramatic fix was chemical straightening :(

    Love the cat pictures. You'll like this: