Monday, October 15, 2012

Stupid People or Stupid Questions.....The Tech Edition

For anyone who doesn't know, a large part of my job involves on-site Tech Support.  We have consultants that are in two days a week and I work very closely with them on the open tickets and priorities.  But as we all know, tech problems don't wait for when the IT guys is available.  They happen ALL THE TIME.

So that means that I end up doing a hefty amount of troubleshooting on my own.  Sometimes with them on the phone, but at this point there's not much I can't fix from a software perspective.  And what I don't know off the top of my head, I Google.  No joke.

Last week was a particularly interesting tech week because not only was I dealing with IT problems at work, but I was fighting with my own laptop at home.

There's nothing quite like spending your day fixing computers, to have to go home and fix your own computer.

All of this made me think about some of the stupid computer questions I've been asked over the last 5 years.

Now I understand that not everybody is good with computers.  But you presume that someone that's worked in a corporate environment for the last 5-10+ years understands the basics of Windows and MS Office.  Sadly, as we all know, common sense isn't all that common.  That being said here is a somewhat humorous list of some of the funniest/worst IT questions I've been asked recently:

These are the one's I get daily that just hurt my head because people SHOULD know how to do these things:
- How do I change my Signature in Outlook?
Add caption
- How do I change my default printer?
- How do I make it print double sided?
- How do I make this text box bigger?

Then we get to the stuff that just makes you scratch you head:
- My monitor isn't's not turned on.
- The projector it's's not plugged in.
- My BlackBerry doesn't's not charged.
- I can't send or receive're not connected to the Internet.
- I can't get onto the WiFi.....typo in the password.
** On that note, best password question I ever got was a guy ignoring a character in a password because he thought that the ! was for EMPHASIS.  I shit you not.

Finally we get to the land of the asinine:
- I'm working on something in excel but didn't save my changes.....can you get them back?
- Someone sent me a Photoshop file, what program do I use to open it? Um.....Photoshop?
- I'm looking for a document in the archive from 2001 but I can't find you know where we would have saved it? Considering in 2001 I was in High!
- I'm trying to send a file to someone but it's too large how do I get it to them? I don't know... FTP site, file transfer tool, flash drive, CD/DVD, carrier pigeon.  Pick an option, any option.
- I lost my BlackBerry, can you get it back?

Now like I said, people have very different comfort levels when it comes to technology and I acknowledge that what may be simple for me, may be overwhelming for another.  But come on.  Really?

But let me open it a comment with either a tech problem you need help with, or a funny story about your most interesting tech dilemma.  That way I can either help, or we can all have a good giggle.



p.s.  Obligatory kitten picture.

There's your problem!!


  1. My dad worked in computer support for like 30 years. My favorite story of his (and this is back in the dark ages of computers) was when he told someone to flip the O-F-F switch to the O-N position. My dad was Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy.Now he's retired and obsessed with baking sourdough bread.

    1. LOL that's like the projector issue. I got called into a boardroom full of executives, the presenter was in a panic because she couldn't get the projector to turn on. The power cord was just dangling there, I just plugged it in, pushed the ON button and walked out to 40 people gawking at me like I had just lifted a car off a small child.

  2. Yep. Someone once called me in a panic because 1: their monitor wasn't working and I came to check it out and... it was OFF. The same person was freaking out when her wireless mouse wasn't working - she had taken out the batteries and put them on her desk and didn't get new ones. THAT'S why it's not working - ya ding ding.

    1. Gotta love stuff like that. Some days it makes me feel like a GENIUS. Like Ashley, Tech Goddess! And other days, I just hurts my head that intelligent people can be that stupid about some things.

  3. Some days, I feel computer smart...other days, I'm the girl who forgot to flip the on switch. Mostly, I'm super impressed with the ability I'm sweeping through Wordpress plugins.

    Other than that, I just have to say...most people are pretty stupid most of the time.

  4. Hey Ash, not sure if I've told you the robber. No other IT support stories even come close.