Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This post is as per someones request.  You know who you are.

Essentially, the Internet is filled with pictures of cats.

If you haven't seen "Catvertising"  check it out below.

Cat's have TAKEN over.  And why not?  They're awesome.  My cat Jasper happens to be more awesome than most.

Now I try not to be the crazy cat lady so I've ONLY written two previous cat posts. 

My Kitten: Cute but Evil  and You vs. Your Pet: The Battle for Bathroom Privacy

This post doesn't even have an exact theme.  It's just gratuitous cute cat pictures.

Because not EVERYTHING has to be serious.

Has anyone else ever tried to put fresh sheets on the bed with a cat hanging around?  We're talking serious play time and fun opportunities to attack you while under cover.
Jasper continues to be interested in all things cookware.  Thankfully no evil kittens were hurt during this incident because the stove was turned off but REALLY?  Why?  I have a theory that if he can fit his ass into it, he'll sit in it.

See? My point exactly.
Again, if it's shaped like his butt, it must be meant for sits. 
And finally, how exactly is THIS comfortable?!?

Crazy cat.
All in all, he is crazy but he's also adorable and a great furbaby.
I mean who wouldn't love that little face?

p.s.  Addition to the post prompted by something from the comments. 

Told you I took a pic before I helped him down.  I'm such a bad mom.


  1. HAHAHA!!! I love it. LOVE IT. Thanks. This made me LOL. I just hope he doesn't jump in a hot pan one of these days and burn his little kitty buns.

    1. Good lord, you and me both. I think the worst thing he ever did was find a way to get on top of my kitchen cupboards in the middle of the night and cried and cried till I woke up and got him down.

      I think I took a pic of that too.

  2. So cute! :) I'm a cat person (and a dog person), but my two keep me endlessly entertained!

    1. I'm a dog person as well, with work I just can never guarantee what time I'm going to be home. My little man does keep me entertained though.

  3. Awww he's a cutey pie. Love the picture of him in his bedsheets! Every cat I've ever known loves to sit in weird things. I have so many pictures of my parents's cat sitting in the sink - it's his favorite hangout. I love cats but I'm allergic. However... that might not keep me from getting one again in the future - sometimes you just put up with being sick all the time so that you can have something lovey and cute around you ;-)

    1. He loves pots and pans. It's crazy.

      I have allergies to other things like pollen and ragweed. When I'm really run down I find he will make me sniffle a bit but not badly. I only have to be careful when I'm combing him and the hair is a flying. If I keep my apartment dust and hair free my allergies are very manageable. That and I'm constantly washing my linens and blankets to keep the dander out.

      But he's worth it.

    2. I totally understand - they're worth the suffering/constant cleaning.

      Hahaha I was talking about this post to my friends last night and I was like "I neeeed kitties again." My best friend offered to let me borrow her two GIGANTIC kitties for the weekend and I almost took her up on the offer. Milton is grey and white and weighs 26 pounds. Norman is orange and weighs a meager 18.

    3. As Ames has pointed out, kitten make everythign better.

      Damn those are some big cats. Jasper is a scrawny 9 pounds and he's full grown. But he's super LONG. With the longest tail EVER.

  4. We have two and sister, Blackjack and Gizmo. They're both long haired Maine Coon, and are awesome. Each spring we get them shaved with a lion cut...paws left long, head unshaved, tails left long...they look ridiculous! The male is over 20 pounds and the female is around 12 pounds. She gets cold when she gets shaved so has a habit of lying on top of the desktop to stay warm....which is a great picture.

    1. Elliott!! Welcome to the dark side aka. My blog ;)

      I love Maine Coon's. My boss has 2 rust coloured one's. They're so pretty but like Persians the neat freak in me just couldn't deal with the hair. Jasper sits on my laptop too but less for the heat and more to attack my fingers while I type. When I read your comment for a second I thought you were going to say that the 20lb cat sat on the 12lb cat to keep her warm. That would be awesome, and would require pictures.

    2. If you have instagram, check evandy55 later tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll post a few pics of our cats.

    3. Hey Ash, there are a few pics of our cats on instagram, if you have that.

    4. OMG the fluff! I added a bunch too.