Friday, March 16, 2012

Pardon me, do you often get bits of toilet paper stuck to your butt?

So I work in the Market Research field and commonly get to hear about new products or concepts.  Some of it is really cool and you think, "Wow, I wish they made that."

Other times it's a little nutty.

Because I have a pretty good understanding of how new products get on the market, every once in a while I see something and I have to stop dead in my tracks because the fact that it made it past the concept stage just stupefies me.

Case in point.  Charmin Extra Strong Toilet Paper.

OK, so it's yet another type of toilet paper that provides us yet another option in an already saturated market.  That's not the problem.  The problem is that Charmin Extra Strong Toilet Paper has been marketed as a solution to the pesky problem of having little bits of TP stuck to your ass.


You know the one I'm talking about.  With the little bear who wipes his bum and shockingly, his old TP leavs little bits of fluff on his furry little behind and the momma bear is suitably horrified.

I mean is this a legitimate problem?  I'm curious.  Do people commonly get toilet paper stuck to their butts?

For a moment, imagine the following:

You're sitting in a focus group, and the moderator asks everyone, "What do you look for when purchasing toilet paper?"

I'm sure someone is going to say, softness, someone else is going to say they look to see if it's made out of recycled materials and finally someone is going to say "Well I wish it didn't get stuck to my butt all the time!"

Pardon me?

Either that happened or somewhere an advertising exec decided it would be cute to show a cartoon baby bear with bits of toilet paper stuck to his furry bum in the commercial.

Do you ever see a product and just think to yourself, "What the hell were they thinking?"

The sad thing is the companies take months and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on product innovation every year.  Sometimes the result is a really cool new thing.  Other times.....not so much.


  1. BAHAHA! I've thought the same thing when I've seen this commercial in the past. Better yet: who gets to test this. "So, when you used product A, how much TP got stuck vs. product B?" Gross!

  2. OMG this is too funny.
    How comes up with these ideas? I mean seriously

  3. The company I used to work for tried to market Roadkill Gummies...not their wisest marketing moment, but I thought they were pretty funny and harmless...but holy backlash from the US market. I think they lasted about 4 weeks before being pulled.

    1. That is a horrible idea but funny. I can imagine the south wouldn't be too impressed with that. Btw... Do I want to know how they make the mac & cheese that neon orange colour? I swear it's the only food on the planet that TASTES orange.

    2. Trade secret...but it does start as real cheese from a natural cheese plant. The ends that don't get cut properly and pieces that don't form perfect blocks are collected and sent to another plant. It's made into process cheese for lots of different products and then some of it is dehydrated and ground into powder and the colour is added. So, it is real cheese at the start and it has to meet certain specs to be allowed to be called cheese (as opposed to dinner like it is in the US). Keep in mind, this is an accountant speaking...

  4. Nice to know that it at least starts out as real cheese. I alwats figured I 'd end up glowing orange because of the amount of that crap I ate in University.

  5. Nope, no worries about glowing orange. I do eat most of the food made by the company and I've seen how most of it is made, if that makes you feel better. The only thing I refuse to consume is drink crystals (regular or sugar-free). When raw materials come with an MSDS document, it ain't food. At least to me...