Friday, July 1, 2011

Tattoos and Piercings: Oh my!

More than one person I know can attest to the fact that body art can be addictive.

Why do you think so many people have MULTIPLE Tattoos or Piercings?

They're like Lays can't have just one.

More proof of this for me was the fact that I got my tongue pierced last night.  Which for me is a little shocking.

I have 6 tattoos and plan on more in my lifetime but I've never been a fan of piercings.  I mean I have 3 holes in my ears and on an insane whim I got my nipples pierced a few years ago, but I've never been a fan of piercings and especially facial piercings.

Tongue piercings aren't strictly facial because they're not openly visible unless you flaunt them. But still, it was a big step for me.

The funny thing is that the first person who ever pierced me said, "You'll be back." Because as many in the industry can tell you, they really are addictive.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I guess some people may be drawn to the pain, and there's always going to be the people that do it for the attention, or to be "different" or to express themselves through what I consider to be a legitimate art form.

For me, I don't really fit into either of those categories. I mean I got my first tattoo at 16 as a minor rebellion against my parents but my mother knew I was going to do it.  Something inside me knew it probably from a young age.

I was one of those kids who was CONSTANTLY drawing or writing on my skin.  I used to come home from school with patterns and pictures drawn onto my arms and the tops of my legs.  My jeans and sneakers weren't safe either.  So does that mean I was attracted to body art before I even really understood what it was?


But that doesn't explain why every few months I start to get "itchy" for one.  I start to look at pictures and think of what would make a good tattoo.  Where on my body I could put it.  How it would look with the other tattoos I already have.

And I'm not the only person who experiences this.  Friends of mine have claimed the same thing happens to them.

In thinking about it, I remembered what a tattoo artist once told me.  He said, "One becomes two, and two becomes twenty."

And it's true.  People that only have one tattoo, and really only have the desire for that one, typically are content.  But once you cross over into multiples its so easy for the whole thing to escalate.  For me I had only the one tattoo for almost 4 years.  After that I averaged a tattoo every 8-12 months.  Now I have 6 with plans for a 7th.

I think something happens in your brain when you become a person who has MULTIPLE tattoos.  Having  one tattoo is OK, a lot of people do and generally society is accustomed to it.  But when you have MULTIPLE tattoos you enter a different category.  You become one of those "people with tattoos."  And honestly you're perceived a little differently.  No to say that everyone will jump to conclusions but I think I'd be safe to say that when you have multiple tattoos, especially highly visible one's, you may be looked upon differently by people you encounter.  Especially people of the older generations.

I mean there's all kinds of issues with visible tattoos in the workplace.  Some companies don't even allow it.  Other companies it may hurt your chances of advancement.  And other places couldn't care in the least.

Thankfully I work for the latter.  My company could care less that I have tattoos.  Albeit only 2 of them are visible and fairly inconspicuous (one on my left ankle and another on the inside of my forearm). And in all honesty if my company did have an issue with it, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable working there.  'Cause in the grand scheme of things my tattoos are a part of who I am.  They're ingrained in my body chemistry.  If my employer wanted me to cover up something that is so much a part of who I am, I would question my desire to work closely with those individuals.

I also tend to go against what people imagine when they think of a person with multiple tattoos, and now piercings.  Hell I've been told I look like a librarian.  With my clothes on ;)  And honestly I kind of enjoy knowing that most people would NEVER guess what I have going on under my clothes.  It's like wearing sexy lingerie under a frumpy outfit.  Nobody has to know, but YOU do.

Thoughts?  Do you find tattoos or piercings addictive?  If you have them do you ever need to hide them?  Are you OK with doing that?  And will I ever be able to eat anything other than crushed ice with my new tongue piercing?




  1. I think that tats are extremely addictive-I have been plotting my 5th for awhile...I remember back when I just had one and one was what I wanted. Good luck with the piercing(s)...

  2. I always wanted to get a tattoo...actually had it all planned out for my sixteenth birthday. Never happened. Now I don't see a reason spending money on it...and I'm somewhat glad my body made it out of adolescence mostly unmarked. Maybe someday I'll go ahead and get some. Who knows. I think as long as they have a real meaning to a person besides an attention grabber, they are worth it.

    Cheers on your "20s dating sucks" line of entries. Glad to have found them. I'm 23 myself, received an associates degree, and now I work at an oil refinery. I find myself wondering how so many people have no problem finding potential partners and dates - but then again, there must be Something Terribly Wrong(tm) with me. I managed to have two two-three year relationships so far in my life, and a smaller six month one - all were ended on the other end, except for the six monther - I ended that because she wanted to have sex with other people and keep it going. That's it. I've never "actually" been on a date. And being into philosophy/psychology, music...fantasy/scifi...and computers/mechanics doesn't seem to help at all.

    I've honestly come to the conclusion myself that if it doesn't happen magically, it's not going to happen at all. Hardly anyone is actually on my wavelength, and I've given up looking for them. I have learned from my previous experiences that marriage can only happen when you have two people spiritually and mentally on that same frequency or wavelength. Otherwise, it will eventually fall apart.

    Thanks for the interesting reads.

  3. Thanks for the awesome comment.

    When it comes to tattoo's if you really want it, you'll find a way. If you find yourself easily putting it off it could mean you're heart's not committed to it.

    As for kinda sucks but honestly, there's nothing wrong with you. Some people have an easy time of it and others don't. I wish I could tell you that it'll get easier but it doesn't. Men and women are both crazy and as you get older dating just gets more complicated because people's agendas change.


  4. I wear one earring now (used to be 2 in one ear) and it was a bit of battle when I worked in an accounting office in Smalltown, ON. The partner wanted me to take them out when I was at a client's and I always refused. It got to the point where my job was at risk and I found a job as a Plant Controller for a large international food manufacturer (think macaroni and cheese). That was a much better issues about piercings and wearing jeans to work whenever I wanted suited me just fine.

    Unfortunately the plants I was responsible for both closed, so now I work in the next town over in another manufacturing environment as the Canadian Controller and HR Manager and no one cares that I wear jeans and have my ear pierced.

    I'm not a huge fan of face piercings offensive, but sometimes it looks like they fell in a tackle box.

    Holy, didn't having your nipples pierced hurt like hell?

    1. I used to work for Chapters/Indigo when I was a university student and could only 2 piercings in each ear so had to take out my 3rd daily. It's ironic that a corporate environment doesn't care and they did.

      I generally dislike facial piercings, especially lips although some women look cute with a subtle nose ring. Just not my thing. I make sure my tongue barbell is flesh toned and 90% of the people I know, don't realize I have it.

      Honestly it was uncomfortable but the healing was 100 x's worse. A 2 second pinch is nothing compared to a week of pain any time you bump into something. I will never forget that when I was on my way home right after a guy crashed into me on the subway with hs backpack. I thought I was going to die. My tongue actually hurt more and the swelling was a bitch. I couldn't eat or talk for days and for a solid week if I talked too much it would swell back up again.

    2. I couldn't imagine how painful that would be. It could hurt even without fresh piercings.

      A guy I used to play hockey with had his foreskin and his sack pierced (yeah guys look in the shower...don't judge). I couldn't imagine how much that must have hurt. And what happens if he loses it at a bad time??? Does she use a magnet to get it?

  5. I can't even imagine the pain involved in getting your junk pierced. And really, I have hygeine concerns about that. Not to mention as a chick, I don't necessarily want that near me.

    Lol magnets. I have to tighten my barbells maye once a month and that is to be better safe that sorry, I would worry more about it getting caught on something but just thinking that makes my skin crawl.