Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Kitten: Cute but Evil

I am the proud mom of a 1 year old kitten named Jasper, and I adore him.  I mean what's not to love?  He's cute, fluffy, affectionate and highly entertaining.  He's my fur baby.

Jasper - 10 Weeks Old
He's also EVIL.

No I'm not talking soul stealing evil, I'm talking chewed my strappy high heels evil.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love my kitten.  He brings me great joy and is a wonderful companion.  I just wish every once and a while he would be a typical independent standoffish cat. 

I'm pretty convinced that my cat is in fact a dog.  He doesn't have typical cat habits and generally follows me around like a puppy.  He also likes to play fetch, which is a dead giveaway. 

In general he's a great behaved little furball.  He doesn't destroy the furniture, uses a scratching post and has never done anything gross outside of his litter box.  He does find very interesting ways to misbehave though. 

Example1:  He likes to chew my hair.

I'm not one of those people who thinks pets need to be kept off the furniture.  My cat is more than welcome to curl up on the couch with me or on the foot of my bed.  And he does.  Pretty much every night, he falls asleep curled up at the foot of my bed after a rousing game of "let's attack mom's feet every time they move under the blankets."  Too bad that's not where he is when I wake up.  It's not uncommon for me to wake up in the morning with a kitten sitting on my head, his ass in my face, tail smacking me while he chews on my ponytail.

Yep.  My cat has a hair fetish.

He's also one of those cats that's just always in your face.  No matter what I'm doing he's trying to climb onto my lap or rub up against me.  Case in point he's currently sitting on the corner of my desk trying to attack my fingers as I type and has been known to plant his butt on top of my homework when he wants attention. 

When I cook he likes to sit on top of my fridge and watch.  When I take a bath he likes to sit on the ledge of the bathtub, which entertainingly enough once resulted in him falling in with me.  He's just one of those curious and affectionate cats.

But as I mentioned.  He's EVIL.  I mean I'm not superstitious about black cats or anything but I'm pretty convinced that my cat has the soul of a trickster.  There's no other explanation for it.

Here's  a list of all the things he's managed to destroy:

- 3 Blackberry chargers
- 4 sets of iPod headphones
- the shoe laces of my running shoes
- the fringe on my cute red scarf
- a pair of strappy high heeled sandals
- the drawstrings on every single hoodie I own
- the cord of my mouse
- the pull cord for the blinds on my window

Pretty much anything that has something long and skinny dangling from it.  Hell he tries to chew on the drawstring of my pj pants while I'm still wearing them.  It's crazy.  In the grand scheme of things he's never destroyed anything irreplaceable.  And it's become somewhat of a game for me to find creative places/ways to hide the things that attract him.  I'm not so good at it though.  My last set of headphones was in my purse and the little furball managed to undo the snap on my purse and pull them out to get to them.

Like all cats he has a box fetish. 

An obsession with sleeping in places he doesn't belong.

And a love of pots and pans?

All in all, shoe eating aside, he's a great companion and as every pet owner already knows, an essential part of my life despite the fact that he commonly jumps on me in the middle of the night or hides cat toys in my purse for me to find when I'm at work. 



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